6 Benefits of Custom Pie Boxes You Must Know!

Hey, look! What’s inside? A pie; pie in custom pie boxes. You know pies are the most loving and truly unique bakery item eaten by all in the world. Yes, it is true pie is the most loving bakery item and it has an awesome flavor that gives an extra sense of excitement. It is use on special occasions like Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving to show more gratitude, love, and affection to them. As it is a special dish it has some extra special advantages that make it unique among all the sweets. So to make it more presentable and delicious it is given a pleasant look using unique and custom pie boxes. 

Yes, you can design the boxes of your own choice using a window insert or lid, your brand color scheme, logo, and stylish typography. All these details make the box unique in its own style and if it is design attractive then it will hook the customers at first glance. Besides this, there are a lot of benefits of these boxes that make them more effective and productive in the customer’s eye. Let’s read a few of them in brief detail.

A Pie Box

Pie boxes wholesale are from cardboard, probably the most recycled one and it is quite durable and sturdy. The box material is firm enough to provide maximum strength to the soft baked pies thus maintaining the oven freshness of the delicacies. Apply versatile customizations like shape, style, and typography to enlighten the box. 

Multiple Styles of Pie Box

Custom pie boxes come in multiple styles and every style is unique in its own style. Here are some versatile styles mention below. Let’s give them a thorough read!

  1. Tuck end box
  2. Two-piece box
  3. Pyramid box
  4. Magnetic box
  5. Sleek box

6 Major Benefits of Pie Box

People look to innovative things and are always curious to buy them. Specifically talking about pie box packaging they offer a broad range of benefits that should resonate well with the demands and criteria of the audience. Below are some essential benefits that you must know in order to design the right type of boxes so that you will no longer regret them.

Appealing Product Presentation

As said earlier, customers are fond of appealing things. So to sound more valuable in front of your customer’s eyes you must adopt a better and enhanced pie presentation. Design the pie boxes with windows using different compartments so that pies will settle down properly. Moreover, you can put some window lid options and a ribbon closure on the box’s top to make it more pleasing. Furthermore, you can choose various color schemes that perfectly align with the flavors and uniform ones with your brand’s voice tone. Using these details can really entice the customers and let you earn a valuable sales-to-profit ratio.

Keeps The Product Airtight

Health over everything! You know that air contains a lot of germs, bacteria, dirt, and other particles. So the greatest benefit of these boxes is that they are dust or dirt-free and the air-tight nature of the box makes it more valuable as it prevents the pies from being spoil. Because customers want fresh food you can use these effective boxes to make that one special.

Make Business Promotion

So you have spent a big amount on running several marketing campaigns but all in vain you are with not approachable results. Look no further these boxes are design with all the branding elements of your brand following the unique color schemes that will foster communication about your brand and the services and products you sell. For example, you can create triangle box packaging for your bakery products such as triangular shaped (unique) pies that look amazing to onlookers.

Consequently, on them you can add essential printed details about your brand to promote your bakery products. Furthermore, people will get to know about your brand through your chocolate boxes wholesale so design it accordingly and mention all the relevant details to sound more proficient.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

As the boxes are make from eco-friendly material that is cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated cardboard it perfectly meets the green world’s criteria. Yes, when disposed of into the environment they release no harmful chemicals instead decompose on their own and meet the green world requirements.

Ensuring Shape and Design

These boxes can be impart to the desired shape. When it comes to shaping the pie boxes there are a lot of different kinds of shapes that can be given to make the box’s appearance more productive. A round, rectangular die-cut design in pie shipping boxes can be given to feature the design and provide rigidity to the box so that the pies won’t get smashed if any external pressure comes in contact.

Closing the Discussion!

Now it’s time to finally conclude the discussion about versatile, dynamic, and eco-friendly yet durable custom pie boxes. If it is summarize in one line then it should be like they are- a one-stop solution. Boxes are convenient, cost-effective, durable and open for broad customizations so as to hold the pie with ease. Moreover, they maintain the overall taste and freshness of pies intact.

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