Why Is The Canon Pixma G3700 Not Responding To PC?

Canon Pixma G3700 is a multipurpose printer with excellent printing speed. You can use this one device for taking printouts, scanning documents, and copying. This device offers various connectivity functions such as USB cable, Wi-Fi, direct wireless, AirPrint, etc. Canon Pixma printer models are very reliable but still, you can face some errors from time to time.

Common causes behind Canon Pixma G3700 not responding to PC

  1. Your Canon printer is not connected
  2. Printer services have been stuck
  3. Some printer files are not working
  4. Canon printer can’t find the driver
  5. The printer fuser is overheated
  6. The printhead is not moving
  7. Cartridges are not responding to the printer

How to resolve issue?

Reconnect the printer

If your Canon Pixma G3700 printer is not responding to the commands then check for the connection. Sometimes, printer connections get interrupted unexpectedly. You have to reconnect the printer. Eject the USB cable from the printer and reconnect it. If the printer is not connecting then check for any damage. Replace the faulty cable and now check for connection. If the printer is connecting wirelessly then check for Wi-Fi.

Go to the Canon Pixma G3700 printer and enable the Wi-Fi button; the lamp must start blinking. Now wait until you see the available network name (SSID) on the printer screen. Select the correct SSID and connect your printer to it. After connection, you have to add your printer to any PC or phone on the same network. Now send a Printful job and take your printouts for Brandon printed font easily.

Run a printer troubleshooter

Your printer can show issues when some printer files are not working. This problem can appear and the printer stops working. To fix the problem, you should run a printer troubleshooter. Go to the connected PC and look for the troubleshooter. Search for a printer troubleshooter and run that utility tool on your device. The tool will start searching all printer files. If any file or process is not working, this tool will fix it. After repairing the corrupted printer files, restart the device and now check the Canon Pixma G3700 printer error.

Repair your Canon printer driver

Your Canon printer needs a driver to communicate with the PC. This driver is software that you install on the PC. When you connect the printer to the PC, it starts looking for the driver. The printer will only respond to your Canon Pixma G3700 printer commands if the PC has the correct driver. Go to the PC and check for your Canon printer driver. If the driver is outdated then run the update. Wait until your printer gets updated. Again connect the printer to the driver and now check the error. Sometimes, the user installs the wrong driver mistakenly. Every printer model has a different driver. Go to the printer and check its model. Now install the correct driver for your printer. Once the Canon printer app finds the driver, it will start responding to your commands. Now you can take your printouts.

Power restart the printer

If you get this error just after sending a new command then check for printer services. This error may appear when the printer services get stuck due to a new command. To fix this problem, you have to restart the printer. But a simple canon edible printer restart may not fix the problem. Go to your Canon printer and eject its power cord. Now wait for a few seconds and reconnect the cord. The Canon Pixma G3700 printer will restart and all printer services will start running from the beginning. After running those services, your printer will start working.

Undo your recent changes on the printer

Some people get this error after they make certain changes to the printer settings. The error can occur due to invalid changes. To fix the problem, restart the device. Go to the printer and start looking for changes in the settings. Undo all those changes and the printer will start working. If you can’t revert the changes on your printer then you should use the Reset option. Go to the printer and open the settings. Select Reset and choose the Factory Reset option. The Canon Pixma G3700 printer may take a few seconds to factory reset. After resetting the printer, your printer will have the default settings. You have to reconfigure the printer to your PC for taking the cow print.

Inspect the cartridges

Your Canon Pixma G3700 printer requires cartridge for taking printouts. It won’t work if the cartridges are not responding. To fix the error, you should check all the installed cartridges on your device. Eject them and check for ink. If the cartridge is empty then replace it. Check the cartridge slots and reinstall them carefully. Check whether the cartridge slot status changes or not. Once the printer finds the cartridge, it will start printing your leopard print documents.

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